Glass Ceiling Winter Garden
When it comes to the winter garden, the first models that come to mind are the glass ceiling systems. It offers a combination of modern, aesthetic and comfort. Every soul is the first choice for those who want to watch the sky. With colormatic roof glazing, you can completely absorb the light while protecting from sunlight. In terms of safety, the used glasses do not show any dispersion against impacts and do not separate from them. It allows you to sit safely under the Buddha. Single slope, double slope and different alternative models can be designed.

Indoor Ceiling Winter Garden
Ideal for those who want to catch the comfort of the room. If you want to use it as a permanent living space, think of it as a part of your home, the enclosed ceiling winter garden will offer you the performance you want. Atlas Grup provides superior insulation and efficiency compared to other companies with its 6 layer special closed ceiling applications. Different varieties can be applied as ceiling material. Sandwich panel, membrane, decorative leaf shingles, tile and more is up to your preference.

Automatic Winter Garden Systems
If you want to integrate technology into your winter gardens, concept applications are just for you. Lighting, opening and closing, ventilation systems with a single button to offer you spontaneously. They are high resistance to high weather conditions and can be opened at any time. Automatic products can also be applied in facade glass shut-offs. We design intelligent winter garden systems with full control control.