Excellence in driving:
What can be better than a place that instantly adapts to sudden needs or changes due to weather conditions. Lifting sliding doors produced with REHAU profiles enable this: The living area and the terrace, balcony or garden are instantly separated when you are opening or closing.

The principle is very simple:
When opening, the wing is released from the gasket; when closing, the blade is bent and pressed again against the seal. So you can instantly and quickly incorporate the outside world into your living area and enjoy the width of your living space without being disturbed by any wing.
REHAU lifted sliding door profiles are made of RAU-PVC, a polymer construction material with many advantages:
The profiles are robust, weatherproof and have a very long life.
They are 100% recyclable and contribute to sound and heat insulation.
Profiles made of RAU-PVC are comfortable in daily life thanks to their maintenance facilities.
A variety of colors and decors with foil coating make it easy to perform individual styling requests and allows the color to be colored. Individual requirements are fulfilled with versatile styling facilities. You will decide on these shapes and colors with single or double movable blades, two to four-piece doors.