Versatile and suitable for individual requirements
Window and terrace doors are one of the best possibilities of individualizing the façade of your home.
Kepenekler gives a distinct meaning to your homes and provides an original look. However, in terms of aesthetics, the image is only one side of its system. Shutters also protect from sunlight and curious looks, adjust the temperature of the rooms, improve the quality of life and the sitting value and make you feel comfortable.
The REHAU S749 Kepenek System is made of modern polymer construction materials. It is always intact, protected against rot and needs little maintenance. The REHAU polymer construction materials are also 100% recyclable.
With its versatility, the REHAU S749 Kepenek System is easy to adapt to any facade style. The width of the profile is only 61 mm in height, and 89 mm in width, making it particularly stylish. The REHAU blades are very robust thanks to their support plates. For this reason, even the doors can be worn without any need for a perfect fit in shaping your facade.
REHAU S749 Kepenek System Available in different types of coverslip; protection against light expectations or architectural data.
Curved lamellae pass light and air. They reflect the classic air of traditional kepeneks.
Fill profiles provide additional protection against light and sound.
Optionally: movable coverslips for individually adjusting the tapping angle of the light and air silicone.
Monoblock Construction; So the window frames and kepeneks form a fit.
Arched shutters are available on request.
In large windows, the wings are folded easily on top of each other, thus saving space.
Blades made of REHAU profiles consist of the same profiles welded on the blades. In order to increase its robustness, additional corner joints are also welded to the support plates.
Particularly attractive images are obtained by using the curved lamella with the filling profiles.