Features that make it easy for you to decide for REHAU Euro 86 Design windows:
Energy Saving Through High Thermal Insulation
Euro-Design 86 Plus windows will make you feel very good at home. You can obtain effective thermal insulation with 86mm high construction depth and 3 layers of glass. In addition, the multi-chamber system uses air as an effective means of insulation.
Quality that meets all your expectations
With high quality windows, you increase the value of your home and invest in the atmosphere and pleasure in your home. In addition, you win energy savings. Whether it’s a new building or the old building restoration, the Euro-Design 86 Plus is suitable for all types of architecture.
If you want to combine effective heat and sound insulation, burglary protection, easy maintenance and modern design, you are making the right choice with the Euro-Design 86 Plus REHAU Profile System.
Tested Quality
For old building restorations with low energy and energy awareness
6 Chamber Technique
For windows and balcony doors
Very good thermal insulation
High resistance to wind and heavy rainfall thanks to smart profile geometry and support counter
High gloss finish thanks to REHAU’s High Definition Finishing-surface formula
Proven high material and construction quality through numerous stress tests

Enjoy Your Comfort
Thanks to the Euro-Design 86 Plus windows, you will feel extremely well at home even in the coldest winter months. No matter how much the storm is outside, the superior heat insulation provides a pleasant home atmosphere. Thanks to the structure depth of 86mm and the two seals, the cold, air flow, dust and moisture remain out.

Energy Saving by Thermal Insulation:
Thanks to the very good thermal insulation, the temperature remains in your house, where it should be. As such, you have an extremely peaceful home environment and low fuel bills. Because of these features, Euro-Design 86 Plus becomes the most suitable element for low energy houses and old building restorations with high energy awareness.

There is an ideal ventilation system to provide a pleasant air in your home.

There is an ideal ventilation system to provide a pleasant air in your home.

Ease of Use:
The REHAU Euro-Design 86 Plus windows are easily opened and closed.

Window profiles are designed to be fitted with special security measures against theft.

Long life:
REHAU Euro-Design 86 Plus windows have proven raw materials with excellent properties.