Features that make it easy for you to decide for REHAU Geneo-Design windows:

1- Middle Gasket
The 3-Sealed system, which completely surrounds your window, provides the best insulation values. High-elastic, long-lasting sealing material guarantees long life.

2-Best Design
The GENEO profile provides many architectural applications with its design and equipment. In this way, with GENEO profiled windows, personal accents can be added without abandoning the harmony with architecture.

3-Ideal Thermal Insulation
The GENEO MD Plus series provides a plus thermal insulation system, thanks to the optimized system of thermomodules of function chambers.

4-RAU-FIPRO Profile Core
The profile core made of high-tech RAU-FIPRO material adds a high degree of stability to the GENEO profile system.

5-Thin Design
Profile construction provides a sleek, slim appearance (115mm) even for large elements. With the innovative gluing technique of REHAU, even floor windows have sufficient strength.

There is an ideal ventilation system to provide a pleasant air in your home.

7-Ease of use:
REHAU Geneo-Design windows open and close easily.

8-Sound insulation:
Enjoy silence with the REHAU Geneo-Design windows. A complete sound insulation is provided with suitable insulating glass.

Window profiles are designed to be fitted with special security measures against theft.

10-Long life:
The REHAU Geneo-Design windows are made of proven materials thanks to their excellent properties.