Features that make it easy for you to decide for REHAU Euro 70-Design windows:
Convincing and easy to maintain: Unique, highly valued and noble-looking profiles.

Ambitious design for your home.

You make high investments in your home. And you expect it to respond to your expectations in the finest detail. The REHAU Euro-Design 70 windows will help you enjoy your home. Especially if you have a number of demands on design, because the REHAU-Euro-Design 70 windows perfectly complement the look of your home. Numerous shapes, colors (thanks to coating or special painting) and design wings offer you a wide range of possibilities. In addition to this, you have a very special opportunity: You can integrate aluminum windows with aluminum covers or create nice accents.

From Sade to the extraordinary

As in the case of the color selection, the REHAU Euro-Design 70 windows are versatile. In addition to the Classic White, almost all RAL colors can be selected as either a coating or paint color.

Elegant shapes for highly demanding designs

For many architectural possibilities, REHAU Euro-Design 70 offers you the appropriate shapes and applications. In this way, for example in the visible areas with folds and slopes or cascading windows of your home style and an impressive look creates.

For different tastes, the window sashes are available in different design options: elegant curved, round or flat wings. In this way, you can be sure that your windows will be positioned in harmony with the general architecture of your home, while adding style accents to your living space. Of course with high-level thermal insulation assurance.

When combined with the REHAU Euro-Design 70-series round wing, an unprecedented effect will change the mood of your home. In short, with REHAU Eurı-Design 70 system windows you get all your expectations.

Ease of Use:
The REHAU Euro 70-Design windows are easily opened and closed.

Thermal insulation
With its ideal construction depth of 70mm, the 5-chamber technique provides an effective thermal insulation.

Sound insulation:
Enjoy the silence with the REHAU Euro 70-Design windows. A complete sound insulation is provided with suitable insulating glass.

Window profiles are designed to be fitted with special security measures against theft.

Long life:
REHAU Euro 70-Design windows are made of proven materials thanks to their excellent properties.