Components of PVC Door and Window Systems
When choosing between pvc door and window systems, it is necessary to consider the 9 different factors that make up the systems.

Pvc profile
Support plate
Mounting materials

All these factors affect the quality of pvc window systems more or less, but directly.

1. PVC Profile:
The first and most important requirement for obtaining high quality pvc joinery is to use high quality pvc profile. The pvc profile, which meets the requirements of the standards, does not cause any problems during the application and which does not cause any problems during the application, and which provides the required insulation values, should be used with the effective and widely used pvc profile. This is a prerequisite for a pvc joinery providing pvc profile standards that meet these criteria.

2. Support Sheet:
The biggest contribution of the support sheet to the pvc window is to form the skeleton and increase the strength. In addition to this, to prevent the change of shape of the structure against thermal changes, to provide mounting strength and ease of connection, etc. There are such benefits. The support sheet should be used in accordance with the shape of PVC profile and it should not be neglected to apply one piece support sheet to each meter of every possible main profile in PVC joinery. Nowadays, another product that can replace the metal support plates is not yet developed.

3. Gasket:
It is the most effective sealing material in PVC door and window systems. Today EPDM rubber and TPE plastic based seals are used.

4. Fasteners:
In PVC door and window systems, fasteners gain importance according to geometric shapes and places of doors and windows. In the group of fasteners formed by screws and fastening wedges, metal and zinc-resistant materials which are not affected by the climatic conditions and corrosive factors should be used.

5. Accessories:
They are the mechanisms that form the moving parts in the PVC door and window systems and enable the formation of the movement. Systems with quality certificates, high corrosion resistance and ease of use should be selected. The measurement criteria must be complied with.

6. Mounting Materials:
They are the materials that enable the PVC joinery to be mounted on the wall and to function properly. Materials with a long service life that will not form weaknesses over time should be selected.

7. Glass:
They form the largest part in the area of ​​PVC door and window systems. It is the most effective element for heat and sound insulation. Glasses that do not break the architectural structure, do not overload the system, help the movement to be completed in a healthy way and have quality certificates should be used. As it provides heat and sound insulation especially in double glazing systems, ”Isıcam synergy“ and dı ısıcam comfort ısı preference have increased.

8. Extras:
Extras, PVC door and window systems, additional visual enhancement and performance-enhancing end-consumers are all other wishes of the consumer.

9. Workmanship:
One of the biggest factors affecting the quality of PVC window systems is workmanship and assembly. It is possible to make a good PVC pvc joinery from a bad PVC profile as well as a bad PVC pavement – plastic window can be made from a first class PVC profile.