In accordance with the architectural project, the concrete slab is formed by galvanized steel anchors, vertical elements and horizontal records connected to them. EPDM seals are used on vertical elements which will take the dilatation of horizontal elements.

EPDM seals are used to ensure sealing between the aluminum profiles and the aluminum profiles and glass contact. The glass is placed on the aluminum façade with the help of scaffolding using glass wedges. The top cover profile can be designed in different sections. In addition, the top and bottom cover profiles can be applied only on vertical or horizontal joints and semi-cover (vertical flap and horizontal flap) facades can be made. In semi-covered facades, ultraviolet resistant silicones are used to seal the glass to the joints.

In the classic glass doors with doors, the Italian opening secret wing can be applied. In this application, hidden wing and frame profile, inox scissors, hidden wing handle and the provision of the installation of the Italian opened secret wing is made. Winged glass is adhered to the prepared aluminum cassettes with structural silicone material in accordance with DIN 51376 and ISO 8339 standards. Minimum 4-day safe cure Glass facades with classic cover can be made from single-axis, double-axis, transom wings made of heat-insulated aluminum.