Glass balcony closing systems are the most convenient way to create an aesthetic and convenient balcony in your home.
It is a system that responds best to seasonal changes due to the ability of the glass to be folded to the same point. In this way, it is kept open in beautiful weather conditions and it is ensured to benefit from places such as never closed. Wind, rain, snow, dust, etc. provides protection from external influences in adverse weather conditions …
All glasses used in glass balcony closing systems are tempered glass and the impact resistance has been maximized and thus the risk of breakage has been reduced to the lowest level.
Glass balcony closure systems combine aesthetic integrity and functionality perfectly. In addition to offering color options suitable for your structure and tastes, it is extremely useful and durable. The aluminum profiles used in the system are electrostatic powder paint, resistant to deformation and long lasting.
colored glass in the glass used in the system if required, our alternative is available. (smoked, bronze, green, refek etc …) Also requested pattern on the window, picture can be applied to fund prints, security and film for different purposes can be filmed.Clearex application can be done.
Glass balcony closure systems offer a wide range of colors and product range to enable users to close all types of media.

Glass Balcony Application Areas?
Residential Balconies
Hotel Pastry Shops
Cafe Restaurant
Terrace Winter Garden
Shop Showcases Etc.