By purchasing a land, we have become more and more aware of the technical terms such as the architectural project, which have become increasingly widespread. In the past, many of those who wanted to have a house were taken out and bought houses that were ready for living and living. But in today’s conditions everything has changed; There are now a lot of different ways and methods to be homeowners, and each of these methods is actually quite common. Buy a home from mass housing projects, rent a bank loan, rent a house or buy a plot and make your dream home from scratch sıfır Especially for those who want to escape from the city center or who dream of having a peaceful country house for retirement times or holidays The most ideal and often economical and practical option is to take a plot from the region you choose and make your own home by working with professional architects and engineers according to your own budget, wishes and needs.

When you buy an apartment in the city, you don’t have to know, of course, but when you build a house for your own land, you need to get a building license before you start the construction so that your house is not considered a leak. In order to get a building license, you have to fulfill some requirements. One of these requirements is the architectural project drawing of your home. In addition, the static project indicating that the house will have an engineering structure that conforms to the regulations;