Self-construction is an expert and pioneer in the field of hand-railing systems of aluminum material, an elite material that plays an important role in achieving modern, healthy lines of buildings.

Balustrade and handrail systems can be used with the help of high corrosion resistance of aluminum, which is the raw material of the raw material and also with the help of stainless steel fasteners, outdoors like balcony and terrace.

50 mm or 60 mm main body tubing, 30 – 40 or 50 mm uprights, 16-20 and 30 mm safety lines in addition to standard manufacturing and applications, special sizes and colors can be manufactured.

After the preliminary study feasibility study is carried out by the experienced personnel of the Self-construction team, after the decision of the system, the connection type and the color of the system can be applied in accordance with the demands of the customer, the price proposal is prepared and presented to the customer. In case of acceptance of the offer, precise installation measurements are taken at the place of application and necessary angles, measurements and details are made in the construction facilities. The manufactured material is shipped to the installation site with the packages and delivered by the expert installation teams and delivered completely and completely.

In the event that the assembly is not required, all connections and fittings can be manufactured as disassembled in dimensions and details given by the customer and the profiles and accessories can be sold as retail.